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Domestic Manufacturers Could Supply 80% of Petchem Items

Domestic Manufacturers Could Supply 80% of Petchem Items
(Wednesday, November 20, 2019) 19:19

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The Iranian manufacturers of parts and items can supply up to 80 percent of the items required in the petrochemical industry of the country.

Head of the energy committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce Reza Padidar said the manufacturers could domestically build 75% of the items in the petroleum industry; a figure that stood at 80% for the petrochemical sector.

Speaking to NIPNA, Padidar said proper infrastructural developments had taken place in the country for production of parts and items domestically for petrochemical projects.

He also voiced the readiness of domestic manufacturers to enhance their partnership in petrochemical projects of the country, adding 55 contracts had been signed with the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum by domestic companies for supplying items and parts.

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