General Terms & Conditions

  1. The organizers

a) Iran international Exhibitions Company (IIEC),

b) National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC) affiliated to the Iran Ministry of Petroleum,

The organizers reserve the right for acceptance or rejection of the applications.

  1. Venue: Tehran Permanent Fair Ground
  2. Date and Exhibition Hours:13-17 April, 2016   10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  3. The registration will be approved only after receiving the receipt of the total payment of the total rental charges together with the application form, otherwise the application will not be considered by the organizer.
  4. The organizer is fully authorized to determine or change (if necessary) the location of the stands.
  5. A first come first serve basis will be applied in the registration process and stand allocation.
  6. Should there be any Iranian agent responsible for the participation procedures, the agent should be introduced in written words by the original company.
  7. Any delay occurring in the payment of the rental charges will entitle the organizer to with draw from the contract for the entire allocated space.
  8. The rental charges should be paid in Euro.
  9. Participant is not allowed to sublet or share his allocated space with others without prior consent of the organizer.
  10. Participant wishing to cancel his participation or reduce the requested space should inform the organizer at least 2 months prior to the exhibition. In this case 10% of the rental charges will be confiscated by the organizer and the rest will be returned to the exhibitor. Any cancellation or space reduction during the 2 months before the exhibition will be rejected and no reclamation will be accepted.
  11. Inserting the exhibitor’s data in the official book (catalogue) of the fair is obligatory. So the exhibitor is obliged to supply the organizer with the requested information and pay the relevant charge ultimately 60 days prior to the exhibition.
  12. General watching of the halls and pavilions will be provided for the whole period of the fair. Participants are obliged to safeguard their stand and exhibits during the visiting hours. The halls will be duly locked and sealed after the closing hour.
  13. To avoid any probable loss during the fair, participants are advised to insure their goods and equipment.
  14. The exhibitors are obliged to be present in their stand up to the last day - 10 p.m. - and not allowed to repack the exhibits.
  15. Participants are not allowed to put their exhibits or equipment in the aisles. Otherwise the occupied space will be calculated and should be paid for.
  16. Spot sale is prohibited during the fair and if not considered, the organizer is authorized to prevent it.
  17. Extra furniture and equipment are available upon the exhibitor’s request. The rental charges for these extra facilities should be paid to the organizer on due time and according to the relevant price list.
  18. Construction, decoration and setting up the stands and goods should be completed 24 hours before the opening of the fair and all unnecessary materials and empty cases should be removed from the fair ground.
  19. If the stand is constructed in 2 floors; the space of the second floor will be charged upon the basis of 50% of the rental charges per each square meter.
  20. Participants should vacate their space not later than 48 hours after the termination of the fair, otherwise the organizer will remove the left articles directly and in this case the exhibitor is responsible for any damages to his articles and also should pay the expenses of transportation and store-keeping of the goods.
  21. If the settlements are not acted completely by the participants, the organizer is allowed to confiscate the participants’ exhibits. If the value of the exhibits is less than the assigned charges, the organizer is entitled to take legal action for the settlement.
  22. Printed materials such as brochures, pamphlets, posters… and also audio-visual tapes should be checked by the organizer before displaying or distributing in the fair.
  23. Alcoholic drinks, arms, drugs, pictures or films contrary to the Islamic rules are strictly forbidden to display in the stands.
  24. Importing goods and machineries should be sent to the customs warehouse after the termination of the fair.
  25. Flammable articles and empty cartoons are banned from storage in the halls.
  26. The exhibitor or his official representative should be actively present in the stand during the whole visiting hours.
  27. Participant’s banners or signboards must be inside the area of their allocated sites.
  28. Participants not utilizing the organizers facilities for erecting their stands should submit four series of the layout of their stand construction, together with the layout of internal electric extension at least 45 days before the fair. These layouts should be confirmed by the technical department of the fair. Otherwise must be changed according to the organizer’s instructions.
  29. Participants requiring water supply, telephone connection, internet or 3 phase electricity for their stand should apply for them at least 45 days before the fair. Relevant charges will be calculated and should be paid before ending the fair.
  30. Participants must inform the organizer about their machinery that consumes electricity more than 5kw/h at least 45 days before the opening of the fair. Extra charges for electricity and water consumption should be paid by the exhibitor upon the organizer’s announcement.
  31. Participants wishing to display heavy, high or voluminous machines or products should inform the organizer at least 45 days prior to the opening of the event.
  32. Participants are responsible for any damages to the stand equipment and furniture and should compensate the losses according to the organizer’s announcement.
  33. The exhibitors will be informed by the organizer about all the details and instructions in circular letters on due time. The organizer doesn’t accept the consequences of disregarding these circular letters.
  34. Oral agreements are valid only after they have been confirmed in writing and signed
  35. In case of occurring unexpected and force majeure events, such as war, anarchy, strike, natural disasters… which may postpone the fair or cancel it at all, the organizer is not liable for losses and no claim on damages or returning the money is accepted.
  36. Any claims by the exhibitors against the organizer will be accepted only up to 30 days after the termination of the fair. All complaints must be preliminary brought to the notice of the organizer before they are taken to any other legal bodies.

The exhibitors are kindly requested to read the above regulations carefully and follow them accurately.